1. Why should I use the Flensburg City app?

The Flensburg City app is the practical guide to Flensburg city centre. Here you will find not only all the shopping facilities, but also restaurants, beauty and wellness services, doctors, pharmacies, car parks and workshops. Each entry includes all the essential information, such as the address, telephone number and product range. The business location is shown directly on a map.

Registered users also benefit from several convenient functions and exclusive discount vouchers.

2. What do the different icons mean?
  • Detailed description
  • Opening hours
  • Find out contact details and address
  • View vouchers
  • Add business to watch list
  • Recommend entry or voucher
  • View legal notice
3. Why is the clock in front of each entry sometimes red and sometimes green?

The colour of the clock in front of each entry shows whether the business is currently open or closed – green stands for open, red for closed.

4. Do I have to register to use the website?

No, you can use all the general functions without registering. However, the extra functions and vouchers only become available after you have registered.

5. What are the advantages of registering?

Only registered users can add entries to the watch list and request subscriptions.  Vouchers are also only available after registration.

You will find out more about the 'Watch' and 'Subscribe' functions below.

6. What happens to my details after registering?

Your details will be encrypted and stored on our servers so that we can offer you the full service provided by our app. However, they will never be forwarded to third parties or used for any purpose other than utilisation of the app.

7. What is the advantage of marking entries with 'watch'?

Use the 'watch' button under your chosen entry to put it on the watch list. This provides a compact overview of all the entries you are watching and will save you having to carry out a lengthy search.

8. What options are available for viewing the search results?

You can view the search results either as a list or as locations on a map. Simply choose the corresponding tab in the search results window.

9. How can I redeem a voucher?

Simply take your smartphone or tablet into the shop and show the voucher when you pay. Some vouchers can only be used once and will be cancelled using a button. The cashier is responsible for cancelling the voucher.

10. My favourite shop isn't in the app. Why not?

Business owners have to create entries themselves. Perhaps your favourite shop is still in the process of creating a profile. Just ask the staff.